Buying A Generator In Connecticut

Where is the best place to buy a generator in Connecticut? Before a storm knocks out the power again you need a place you can trust. Why not go to a big box store like HD? That’s an easy answer. Big box stores are there to sell you something. After you get your generator they really don’t want to hear from you.  Now maybe you have an electrician to help you put it in and that’s fine. But did you know you unit needs to be load tested to make sure it will stand up during a power outage? Not only that, but generators are pretty complex machines and they need to be serviced regularly. Add to that the complexity of different fuel systems and fuel supply failures and you need some help.

Problem Solved!

Helping you understand your generator and making sure that it will work when you put a load on it are what our team does. It’s called SERVICE. And your satisfaction and safety is our most important consideration. Just call 888-686-1838 and ask all the questions you want. We won’t be satisfied until you are.

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