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Contractor Requirements

Program Operations Minimum Contractor Requirements

When a customer is unable to afford the ownership of a generator we have found a way to get that customer in a program that allows you to get the sale.

Minimum requirements for a contractor to be in the program.

  • You will be required to sign and maintain the no compete agreement.
  • One year in business.
  • Two or more employees.
  • Offer service to customers.
  • Must have in-house full service factory qualified personnel.
  • 1 Air Cooled certified tech to offer air cooled program.
  • 1 Liquid Cooled certified tech to offer liquid cooled program.
  • Must have a min of (1) 50 Amp or 17.5 kW generator available for back up for every (5) 20 kW generators in the program.
  • Must have a towable generator available to back up the liquid cooled generator of equal size or larger. Must have adequate cables to connect in the event of a failure of the generator in the program.
  • Generators On Demand may audit this operation at any time without notice.
  • Best of all NO Annual Fee for this service.