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Giving customers Peace of Mind for $95 a month

Thanks to The Day and Lee Howard for the recent article on Generators On Demand.

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Is your business prepared for emergencies?

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Lease Program

Ever wanted to have a generator but fearful of the cost and maintenance? Fear no more — believe in Generators On Demand. For as little as $95 a month you can have the peace of mind of having your own

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Snow Riser

Commercial Construction Group is proud to present its patent pending product: Snow Riser Keeps your generator above the ground year round. Prevents the venting system from getting clogged with snow, leaves, or flood waters. Made of durable sealed concrete. Neutral

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Thousands in Groton Without Power

CONTACT: JACKIE STEVENSON 860-434-2608 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 31, 2014 GROTON, CT – On a blustery day when the temperature dipped well below freezing one thought echoed throughout a community that recently experienced a power outage. “Don’t go without power!”

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The Day The Lights Went Out

A video from 2003 power outage concerning the venerability of the power grid. Click Here To Watch: The Day The Lights Went Out

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Eastern Connecticut’s Premier Home Show

Come visit Generators On Demand at the Eastern Connecticut’s Premier Home Show, April 12 & 13th! We will be in booths 255. See what all the buzz is about and find out how we can help you keep the lights

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Your Local Generator Store

Did you know you can get the best generator deal from an independent Connecticut dealer? Generators On Demand provides the complete package, top generator brands AND service for every thing we sell. Try getting that from a Big Box store.

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Buying A Generator In Connecticut

Where is the best place to buy a generator in Connecticut? Before a storm knocks out the power again you need a place you can trust. Why not go to a big box store like HD? That’s an easy answer.

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New Services

Generators On Demand now offers 24/7 service with operators ready take your call or make sure your questions are answered. We also provide a new service and delivery truck that will deliver your unit and service it when the time

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