The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has the mission to “support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards.” (FEMA). The organization is divided into different regions. Connecticut falls into Region 1.

The current leadership of FEMA is W. Craig Fugate who is the Administrator.  The second in command is the Deputy Administrator, Joseph Nimmich.

Tracing FEMA back to its roots lands us in 1803 in New Hampshire. After a town had incredible fire damage the government passed the Congressional Act of 1803 to offer assistance.

Many of the emergency efforts were fragmented and not working collaboratively. This caused lots of additional costs, stress, and ultimately failed results.  Eventually President Carter centralized the federal emergency functions.


To help better prepare both man-made and natural disasters, FEMA became part of the Department of Homeland security in March of 2003.

FEMA is specifically focused on preparing and planning for emergency situations. There are countless social, cultural, psychological, and mental factors addressed under this larger umbrella. There is even an Office of Equal Rights to ensure equal rights to the employees as well as the people needing FEMA services.

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Information gathered from www.fema.gov



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